C ampaign w orld1

Welcome to my new campaign world! “Beyond the Walls of Illusion”

It is a setting in a 16th to 17th century world. The game world is a mix of many game genres and influences such as: Warhammer Fantasy/ Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings / H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos / Robert E Howard’s Hyboria and many others.

Players can play characters from various genres and settings but the primary setting all players will play in will be the 16th -17th century Earth. The game focuses on adventures and horrors that help piece together truths about reality based on the different layers of perception that each character brings into play.

My first Game Adventure is called “Viaje de Gloria” which is about a Spanish/Portuguese expedition with a multi-ethnic crew of adventurers sailing the seas to reach fabled places and conquer territory.

In this game the geography of the world of both past and present is poorly understood. There is a global competition between nations for mapping and discovering pathways around the world. Many maps are false in order to deceive competitors and enemies in case of capture. Routes to places of wealth, riches, and trade are kept secret. Expeditions in search of places of legend are bountiful. No one knows which wonders and horrors are true. No one knows which histories are correct. No one knows for sure which of their contemporaries has discovered any truth.

After that, take a look at my wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Viaje de Gloria